Self-Branding in the World of Computer Science

According to an article on Entrepreneur, ninety percent of executive recruiters confess to doing online research of potential applicants. In modern times, your reputation now carries over to an abstract world of data called the internet. Self-branding has now become much easier for everybody, given that they have access to the internet. Successful self-branding on the internet can help people reach their maximum potential by pushing the limits of endless opportunities. In this article, I will explain why self-branding has become a necessity for those in the field of Computer Science.

An article on Science Mag claims that computer science will account for 62% if the growth in science-related fields. With the industry growing at a fast rate, the amount of computer science majors are  also on the rise. Finding a job won’t be too difficult of a task for a computer science major, but finding one of the best paying jobs may be a different case. According to an article on IT World, computer science majors know their value and are much pickier at choosing jobs.

Because computer science majors know their worth, they are bound to go for the careers with the best paying salaries, which will make highest paying careers more competitive. When applying for a job straight out of college, you are essentially the same as every other college graduate applying for that position to the employer. Every applicant out of college has the same amount of experience, they are new to the field, and they also have a strong hunger for big paychecks. Due to the their lack of experience in holding a career, employers tend to look deeper into their profiles. They want to see how much they know, the amount of past projects they’ve participated in, and the quality of their experiences throughout college. This is where self-branding comes into play.

Self-branding can help you show off your skills and knowledge to potential employers. You are promoting yourself like a company does through advertisements. Companies that stick out and have good service are usually the ones that get the most business. When you brand yourself on the internet, you are given an opportunity to shine and stick out from the rest of the crowd of applicants. This is where you promote yourself by exaggerating your knowledge and various experiences. Efficient self-branding can help underline and emphasize what makes you unique.

Not only does self-branding help get you that job that you’ve applied for, it also can help you start your own path in computer science. When starting your own business, self-branding can aid you in attracting investors. Start-up companies are “a dime a dozen,” but those that are bound to succeed and show much potential are the ones that ultimately count to investors. When making a decision in an investment, the investor not only wants to see potential in the product or company, they also want to see potential in the owner. A foreseeable future in an idea, company, or product is worthless when it doesn’t have a brilliant owner behind it. This is where your reputation becomes important because you want to show investors that your idea is backed by a responsible, passionate, and knowledgeable owner.

Overall, self-branding has become one of the most important assets when pertaining to reputation. According to Status Update, an online self-presentation must quite literally be “safe for work” to benefit its creator. Self-branding can help you overall shape your online status and reputation. Your online reputation is often more important than your physical reputation when maximizing your potential in the already limitless field of computer science.


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