Self-Branding in the World of Computer Science

According to an article on Entrepreneur, ninety percent of executive recruiters confess to doing online research of potential applicants. In modern times, your reputation now carries over to an abstract world of data called the internet. Self-branding has now become much easier for everybody, given that they have access to the internet. Successful self-branding on the internet… Continue reading Self-Branding in the World of Computer Science

New Media and Fraud

According to ID Analytics, a fraud-fighting firm, the top 10-20% of people who shared the most about themselves on social media were four times more likely to experience fraud than those who shared the least information about themselves. TIME magazine’s article, “Social Media Is Making You More Vulnerable to Fraud,” explains the potential danger of experiencing fraud… Continue reading New Media and Fraud

Facebook: A mean of connection or isolation?

According to the recent survey, “Threats to belonging on Facebook: lurking and ostracism,” the participants who were unable to share information across Facebook were exhibiting much lower levels of belonging and existentialism. In order to fully understand the effects of Facebook on culture, it is important that we understand Facebook itself. In this blog, I will be… Continue reading Facebook: A mean of connection or isolation?